Would Jessie Phillips, Charlotte Robb and Serena Hooper please come to Room 12 at morning tea.

Thursday 17th August - Dance Troupe

posted by Dayna OSullivan

Rehearsal today at lunchtime.  Be changed and ready to go!

Thursday 16/08/17 ICAS Maths today

posted by Alison McPike

The ICAS Maths test will be held in the Learning Centre today. Block 1 = Year 8  start 9.00 am
Block 2 = Year 7  straight after morning tea.  Please bring a pencil, rubber and sharpener. No electronic devices or calculators are permitted. 

Thursday 17/08/17 - Canteen Closed on Friday

posted by Kay Logan

Please note that our canteen will be closed tomorrow, Friday 18th August 2017, as it is a Teacher Only Day at the College.

Wednesday 16th August - Cross Country

posted by Lisa Chappell

Cross Country training at 12.30 today.  Meet outside room 1 as per usual with your lunches.

Indoor Bowls - Pre AIMS Games Tournament

posted by Ruby Kay

This tournament is coming up on Friday, so at lunchtime today you will need to head to the sports office to pick up your tracksuit. Please make sure this is done today so you are prepared for Friday. 

If you have any questions about Friday, come and see Miss Kay in Room 11. 

Wednesday 16/08/17 - Music Academy

posted by Janita Neal

- Mixed Band practice today in the tape room lunch time

- Students performing tonight quick meeting at 12:30pm to discuss final details. 

Wednesday 16/08/17 - Concert Band

posted by Janita Neal

Concert Band practice today at lunch time in the Music Room, thanks 

Wednesday 16/8/17 - Sports

posted by Jo Dey

Would Emily Bateman please come to the sports office to collect another Hockey Uniform at morning tea.

Can the Futsal, Golf, Tennis and Squash teams please come to the sports office at morning tea to collect uniforms for Aims.

Wed 16/8/17 Student Wellness Survey today (Research Room)

posted by Hadleigh Benson

Today's booking for the survey in the Research Room.
There are still spaces for any classes who have missed out.


Wk 4 Wednesday 16th August

First Block




Rm 24


Room 9

Second Block




Third Block


Rm 28



Wednesday 16th August - Fresh Moves dvds

posted Aug 14, 2017, 9:18 PM by Dayna OSullivan

If you have purchased a FM dvd, please come to my room at lunchtime today or tomorrow to collect it!  - Miss O'Sullivan

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