Monday 27/2/17 - Volleyball

posted by Jo Dey

Attention All Volleyball teams.  I have 2 students wishing to join a team.  If you have any space on your team please come to the sports office at morning tea.  Or if you missed out on getting a team together and still want to play come along to the sports office at morning tea.

Friday 24/2/17 - Skating

posted by Jo Dey

To all the students who have registered to do skating, it will not start on monday as planned.  It will start on the 6th March.

Friday 24th Feb

posted by Dayna OSullivan   [ updated ]

Hi all

We are calling back 86 students today. Please check the list for your kids and which block they are in (Block 1 or 2). They need to remember which group they are in (e.g.: B4) and come at the correct time (9am or 11am). Please let us know if they are absent so they do not miss out.

Some new students have been added to the list as they were missed off the original on Wed.

We also have 38 students who will have a second dance audition on Mon/ Wed lunch so if they are not called back today they still have a chance.

We are hoping to have a final call backs next Friday where we will narrow it down to the top 40 performers and then select the final group.

Performing Arts Academy – Call Backs               

WELL DONE to ALL those that had the courage to audition. We were impressed with the expression and effort. Unfortunately, not everyone can get in - we auditioned over 150 singers, dancers and actors for a limited number of positions…. So call backs are needed! CALL BACKS are a second audition where select students are invited to attend. You will have a work in a group and improvise.

ALL students on the CALL BACK LIST please come to the Performing Arts Room on Friday when your group time is required (Block 1 or 2).

Group A (1-8) FRIDAY BLOCK 1 to do impromptu work / group devising.  9am

Group A -  1








Zoe C Rm 25

Jade N Rm 8

Sofia N Rm 4

Kian Rm 12

Ben W Rm 2


Maihi A Rm 28

Rhys S Rm 17

Sienna J Rm 17

Anna L Rm 21

Aaliyah Rm 11 Sofia A Rm13

Jessie P Rm 1

Ryan Rm 7

Ollie H Rm 25

Chloe B Rm 16

Kailey S Rm9 Georgia  Rm9

Freya S Rm 1

Jazmin L Rm 21

Annabel K Rm 4

Miel Rm 19

Ashton H Rm 28

Lucca T Rm 4

Lulu J Rm 28

Hope A Rm 11

Hannah J Rm 21

Josh Rm 7

Marcus G Rm 20

Maddi H Rm 4

Hannah J Rm 21

Eva K Rm 1

Emma C Rm 12

Jaxon Rm 27

Ashton Rm 28

Kate A Rm 19

Jazmine H Rm12

Lucy T Rm 18

Samantha A R28

Hayley D Rm 16

Frances P Rm 18 Zoe R Rm 21

Ella R Rm 3

Sofia A Rm 13

Nina Rm 14

Renee Rm 10


Group B (1-8) FRIDAY Block 2 to do impromptu work / group devising.  11am

Group B -  1








Dianne G Rm 21

Kenta B Rm 22

Lauren K Rm 8

Astrid Rm 21

Sienna J Rm 16

Jazmin L Rm 21

Keira W Rm 20

Riley A Rm 9

Phoebe D Rm 5

Chloe B  Rm 16

Emily W Rm 24

Lee B Rm 7

Elske V Rm 13

Casey C Rm 25

Ellie D  Rm22

Maya S Rm 18

George S Rm 28

Mark S Rm 28

Charlotte R Rm 10

Kailey S Rm 9


Riley H Rm 5

Alex Rm 21

Eva G Rm 22

Emma C  Rm 24

Danielle F Rm 9

Kayla B Rm 19

Summer S Rm 22

Samara N R24

Chloe-Anne P R16

Charo H  Rm 9

Paige D Rm1

Mia M Rm 14

Sapphire Rm 8

Daniella T  R24

Kaylee M Rm28

Olivia C Rm3

Olivia C Rm16

Teagan D R 19

Angelina K R28

Sienna P  Rm 6


Sports Academy

posted by John Stanley

Friday 24/02/17 All Year 8 students who wish to apply for the Sports Academy are to meet Mr Stanley in the hall at morning tea

Friday 24/02/17 - Gym Club

posted Feb 22, 2017, 5:44 PM by Kay Logan

Gym Club is held on Wednesday afternoons from 3.00 pm in the school hall.  Notices are available from the sports office.

Friday 24/02/17 - Night Owl Performance

posted Feb 22, 2017, 5:33 PM by Janita Neal

All students who have been invited by Miss Neal to perform tomorrow night at the Night Owl outdoor movie, come to the Music Room with your bags for 3 block today. Thanks. 

Friday 224/02/17 - Trumpet Lessons today

posted Feb 22, 2017, 5:31 PM by Janita Neal

Trumpet Lessons begin today with Julia in the Music Practice Rooms

Lesson #1: 12:00pm-12:30pm - Azmi and Benjamin
Lesson #2: 12:30-1:00pm - Matthew and Megan

Friday 24/02/17 - Music Academy Auditions #2

posted Feb 22, 2017, 5:28 PM by Janita Neal   [ updated ]

There are callbacks taking place today in the Music Room

Block #1 - 9:10am-9:30am - Group #1 Vocalists All Year 7's
Block #1 - 9:30am-10:00am - Group #2 Vocalists All Year 8's

Block #2 - 11:00am-11:45 - All Instrumentalists Flute etc....+ Drummers

Friday 24/02/17 Art Academy

posted Feb 22, 2017, 12:58 PM by Karen Patten

Visual Art Academy.
Trials today for Year 7 students, or any Year 8's who missed out last week.
Block 1 or 2, in the Art Room.
No trials in Block 3 this week

Friday 24/02/2017 - Money and notices to the office

posted Feb 22, 2017, 11:41 AM by Barbara Schollum   [ updated ]

Please place all notices in the slot at the front of the office counter in the mornings.  If you are paying money for a trip or anything it needs to be with the notice in an envelope  - always have your name,  room number and what the money is for attached to your return slip.

TEACHERS please talk to your students about having a bag or envelope to secure their money in - we don't have enough envelopes for everyone 

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